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Crossings Gertrude Street 2015
Crossings Performing Mobilities
Crossings Performing Mobilities
Crossings Performing Mobilities



A crossing is not an overcoming of an obstruction, it is an opportunity to listen to the flow that is everywhere, all times: to coalesce in a constant state of becoming, to listen to the journey in its present passage.


To assist in a crossing is not just to help people negotiate obstacles between the past and the future, but to be with them in the present, to listen to the flow and observe the passage of the shadows of time, to live in a space that is neither departure nor destination, but a deeper space that is only crossing, never crossed.


Crossings is a multi disciplinary inquiry drawing on the experience of four artists/researchers thinking through action to reveal four positions on contemporary crossings.  The artists/researchers become listeners in a range of urban locations exploring experiences of pedestrian engagement in the present.  Their methodology takes a mobile form of the crossing guard to reveal the negotiations of flows in the urban context.


Benjamin Cittadini, Ceri Hann, Fiona Hillary & Shanti Sumartojo.


Performing Mobilities 2015, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2015 & MoreArt 2015.

Photograph Left: Lauren Dunn.

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