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Community Ghosting
Empty Nursery Blue
The Dandy Turtle
Totally Rough

The Urban Laboratory is a research project developed by RMIT's Centre for Art, Society and Transformation and curated by Fiona Hillary. In 2013 the City of Melbourne commissioned the project to explore perceptions of safety in Hosier and Rutledge Lane in the central business district of Melbourne.  Across 12 months Hillary worked closely with Benjamin Cittadini, Doyle, Clare McCracken, Ceri Hann and Yandell Walton in an iterative reflexive curatorial framework. 


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Fiona Hillary & Geoff Hogg (2016) ‘Interrogating Space: the Urban Laboratory’, in Grierson, E. Transformations: Art and the City, Intellect, UK.  (Pending publication)


Fiona Hillary & Shanti Sumartojo (2014) Empty-Nursery Blue: On Atmosphere, Meaning and Methodology in Melbourne Street Art, Public Art Dialogue, 4:2, 201-220.

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